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Ever Thought Of Becoming A Bike Mechanic?

by Karen Tindall on 16 June 2016

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Ever Thought Of Becoming A Bike Mechanic?

Ask anyone if they know how to ride a bike and the answer will almost always be “yes”.

Most of us still have one in the shed that we get out once in a while and others are avid cyclists.

And we all remember turning the bike upside down on the lawn and repairing a tube or adjusting the brakes.

Modern bikes, while similar in their function, have highly technical and often expensive componentry which require specialist tools and knowledge for repair.

Some people have bikes that cost more than their cars. With the increase in popularity of electric bikes, things start to get even more complicated.

Who are the elusive magicians who fix these modern pieces of wonder? Your local bicycle mechanic—and the industry needs more.

“Bike mechanics are enthusiastic but, apart from those in specialist, boutique shops, they sometimes lack technical skills,” says Cornerstone Education’s bicycle mechanic tutor Frank Clavis.

“Most of what they know they have learned on the job.”

The solution? Professional training and NZQA-recognised qualifications.

“If you get such a qualification your future is bright,” he reckons. Cycling in New Zealand is on a burn.

“Tourism is now our single biggest earner and the fastest-growing segment is cycle tourism. There’s tons of opportunity in bike touring. Think about all the visitors from Japan and Europe who turn up here and can’t find a decent specialist touring bike—that’s a segment ready for someone to address.”

With the increase in the popularity of bikes, safer cycling tracks and the health and environmental benefits of cycling, this is a fast-growing industry which needs qualified mechanics to ensure bikes leave the workshop in a safe  condition that meets industry standards.

If you love bikes and fixing things, you too can begin your new career as a fully qualified bicycle mechanic with Cornerstone Education:


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