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Where Is This Road Taking You?

by Karen Tindall on 23 June 2016

Imagine your life 12 months from now…


Will you be happy? In a fulfilling career? Enjoying your work? Still got time to ride?

If so, great!

If not, I’ve got great news, because we are offering you the ability to become a qualified Bicycle Mechanic working in the industry in 12 months from now.

Would you like to work for a local bike shop, a department store, a cycling team, a bicycle manufacturer, or be running your own business?

If so, we can help you get there.

The first step is to enrol in our Bicycle Mechanic course which starts on Monday 18 July 2016 in Auckland Central

3 Ways to Get Started Now:

Q: “Will you help me get a job?”


If you have done (or considered) other courses in the past, you may have noticed that normally you are left alone to find work once you’ve finished the course.

That’s not the case with us. Instead, we help you in 2 ways:

  1. Work experience is a weekly component of our course. We’ll help you find a retailer to work for and practice your new skills with. Several of our students have been offered full-time roles because these employers get to try you out
  2. And when you have graduated, we have a network of cycling shops, cycling teams, and other businesses in the industry that we can connect you with to give you the maximum chance at full-time employment

Q: “What will I learn about?”

  • Assembly, adjustment, servicing, testing, diagnosis, repair, and overhaul of bicycles and accessories including; steering systems, wheel, tyre and hub systems, braking systems, drive train systems, suspension systems, and frames and forks
  • Bicycle design principles and considerations within the NZ bicycle industry
  • Design, and selection of components for customised bicycles

Q: “Where will I be training?”

  • Auckland Site: Level 5, 246 Queen Street, Auckland (in the Queens Academy building), please note we will be moved to our purpose-built Trades Centre in Manukau in August.

  • Rotorua Site: TBA, central Rotorua

Q: “When does the course start/end?”

  • Start Monday 17 July 2017 (Level 3)
  • Finish Friday 15 December 2017

Q: “What is the schedule for each week?”

  • Class is 9.00am – 3.00pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • Thursday and Friday will consist of work experience in a bike shop and coursework to complete in your own time

Q: “What do past students think about the course?”

lucinda-staniland-75px“I was attracted to this bicycle mechanic course for a number of reasons. Firstly, in this male-dominated industry, bike shops want to hire women, that gives me an advantage. Second, I wanted to pick up some practical skills, something hands-on. Third, a course that wasn’t too long and wasn’t too expensive. So, I got lots of practice on the basics and quite enjoyed learning the history and evolution of biking technology. Finally, having this qualification gives me the ability to work anywhere in the world.”

– Lucinda Staniland

leonid-shishov“I have 20 years of experience as a bicycle mechanic back in Kyrgistan, but what I needed was a New Zealand qualification. Thanks to that qualification I got the job I wanted at Pak’n’Pedal in Marshall St. In winter I’m mostly selling bikes and equipment, and in Summer I build new bikes and do lots of repairs and upgrades. Even with my experience I did pick up new information on the course because, as you know, these machines are always changing and improving. I like all types of bikes myself and ride my GT hard-tail that I built myself (worth about $3k), whenever I get time.”

– Leonid Shishov

Q: “How much does the course cost?”

  • $3,345 for Level 3 Service Technician (6 month course)
  • $2,610 for Level 4 Bicycle Mechanic (6 month course starting in 17 July 2017)
  • Student loans and allowances are available through StudyLink

3 Ways to Get Started Now:


Karen Tindall
School of Cycling Manager

Phone: (07) 571 8803
Freephone: 0508 MANAGEMENT
Mobile/Text: 021 192 2636
Email: info@bikemechanic.co.nz


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