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Them: “Wadaya Up To Next Year?” You: “I’m training as a Bicycle Mechanic!”

by Karen Tindall on 6 December 2016

Have you started getting the question “Wadaya up to next year?”

What’s your answer?

If you’re not happy with your answer I’ve got great news, because you can become a qualified Bicycle Mechanic and be working in the industry within 12 months from now.


Would you like to work for a local bike shop, a department store, a cycling team, a bicycle manufacturer, or be running your own business?

If so, we can help you get there.

The first step is to enrol in our Bicycle Mechanic course which starts on Monday 13 February 2017 in Auckland Central.

3 Ways to Get Started Now:

Q: “Will you help me get a job?”


If you have done (or considered) other courses in the past, you may have noticed that normally you are left alone to find work once you’ve finished the course.

That’s not the case with us. Instead, we help you in 2 ways:

  1. Work experience is a weekly component of our course. We’ll help you find a retailer to work for and practice your new skills with. Several of our students have been offered full-time roles because these employers get to try you out
  2. And when you have graduated, we have a network of cycling shops, cycling teams, and other businesses in the industry that we can connect you with to give you the maximum chance at full-time employment

Q: “What will I learn about?”

  • Assembly, adjustment, servicing, testing, diagnosis, repair, and overhaul of bicycles and accessories including; steering systems, wheel, tyre and hub systems, braking systems, drive train systems, suspension systems, and frames and forks
  • Bicycle design principles and considerations within the NZ bicycle industry
  • Design, and selection of components for customised bicycles

Q: “Where will I be training?”

  • Our Training Centre Location is on Level 7, 246 Queen Street, Auckland (in the Queens Academy building)

Q: “When does the course start/end?”

  • Start Monday 13 February 2017
  • Finish Friday 14 Jul 2017

Q: “What is the schedule for each week?”

  • Class is 9.00am – 3.00pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • Thursday and Friday will consist of work experience in a bike shop and coursework to complete in your own time

Q: “What do past students think about the course?”

mat-manning“During a trip to Europe, my partner and I rented bikes and cycled everywhere. Being rental bikes they were a bit rough and I would tinker with them to get them right.

I’d been thinking about a career change from the domestic fence contracting I’ve been doing, and my partner saw that I was enjoying myself fixing these bikes, and suggested I consider that kind of career instead.

I recalled seeing an ad for this course, and when we returned to NZ I found the ad and talked to Frank the tutor, and I was in!

Once I’ve finished, one option for us is to move back to my home town of Ohakune and open up a cycle shop and offer cycle tours to tourists. I also have an interest in restoring vintage bikes.”

– Mat Manning

vict-gonzales-200x200If you are interested in bikes or want to learn the bike business, then you must join this course.

It was a big career change for me after 15 years as an analyst for Spark. I’m working 3 days a week as a bike mechanic in Freemans Bay right now and I’m helping the business grow so they might take me on full time soon.

Our tutor Frank is great to learn from. Because of his long years of experience, he has those deep skills that modern mechanics might not have. This means that he can pass on the simple solutions to us, the ones that just work and avoid the expensive path.

The course is a good investment for the money. Take this opportunity to get into the business.

– Vict Gonzales

jamie-phillips-200x200I’ve been toying with bikes all my life. I’d take them apart and put them back together again from age 7 or 8.

When I first heard about the bike mechanic course, I couldn’t believe it! I’d been wanting to do a course like this my whole life. I rang up straight away but the class had started 2 weeks ago, so I had to wait another 6 months for the next one. That was agony!

I’m into all sorts of sports, fishing, surfing, league, golf, BMX and down-hill mountain biking too.

My goal is to set up a cycle touring business in the Coromandel or Tauranga one day, once the new cycle tracks are complete.

In the meantime I’ll be growing my experience in bike shops.

Frank, our tutor, is a lovely man, he’s willing to help out however he can. Instead of telling us how to set-up our workspaces, he’d tell us to give it a go ourselves and then he’d offer suggestions along the way. What a great way to teach.

You have to have a true passion for cycling to join this course. Don’t think of it as just a job, it’s a career for life.

Jamie Phillips

Q: “How much does the course cost?”

  • $3,845 for Level 3 Service Technician (6 month course)
  • $2,610 for Level 4 Bicycle Mechanic (6 month course starting in July 2017)
  • Student loans and allowances are available through StudyLink

3 Ways to Get Started Now:


Karen Tindall
School of Cycling Manager

Phone: (07) 571 8803
Freephone: 0508 MANAGEMENT
Mobile/Text: 021 192 2636
Email: info@bikemechanic.co.nz


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