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Student Success Story – Teau Aiturau

by Paul Fletcher on 6 November 2017

Teau has completed the Certificate in Bicycle Mechanics Level 3

He also heads a charitable trust, Time to Thrive, which provides fitness and cycling classes aimed at getting kids moving.

“For me [being a bike mechanic] is about helping people that can’t afford to take their bikes to a bike shop – teaching them how to look after bikes and encouraging them to ride more.”

Why did you decide to do Bike Mechanic training?

I wanted to up-skill myself and become a qualified bike mechanic. I run a community bike club called Mangere BikeFit and want to be able to share the knowledge with club members, helping them to take care of their bikes.

What was your career goal when you started studying?

I wanted to start my own business and open a bike shop up, get more people riding and create jobs!

What are some of the most valuable things you’ve learned?

Basically everything. There was a whole range of different tools I hadn’t used before! And the tutor was just like the master – learning off him was awesome. 

What do you love about being a bike mechanic?

For me it’s about helping people that can’t afford to take their bikes to a bike shop. Teaching them how to look after bikes, how to fix a flat tire, etc. I want to be able to teach our club members the basics. It’s such an awesome skill!

The more people cycle, the more we can speak up for cycle lanes and work to make it safer to cycle all over Auckland. The traffic is already so bad – let’s get people out of their cars, try cycling for a change! If we teach the kids, when they grow up, they’ll be more focused on bikes than cars.

What were the highlights of your time at Bike School?

Just the other week we had some TV crew come in and do some filming! Everyone had an interview, very cool. But really, everyday is a highlight for me. The tutor is awesome – super patient and teaching us as much as he can.

Where are you working now?

I run a charitable trust (since 2014) called Time To Thrive (TTT). It’s all about getting the community out there doing physical activities, and one of them is riding bikes – cycling.

What are your future goals?

Helping set up bike groups in more communities, and trying to get local people to act as cycling ambassadors inside their communities. I’m just enjoying learning the skills, there’s a lot of opportunities in the cycling world! It’s all about riding the bike.

To learn more about “Mr Tee” visit Time to Thrive’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tripleteez


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